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Terms Of Service And Legal Disclaimer

CONTENT PRODUCED BY THIRD PARTIES: The content of this web site is for political, informational, and curiosity purposes. It is not intended to be offensive or to incite any unlawful activity, although may be construed in this manner by some persons. No information available on this website should be considered sound legal advice without first consulting with an attorney. This website and its contents has been published as political speech that is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The operators of this website are not the “producers” of any content appearing thereon. Instead, the activities of the operators of this website, with respect to such content, are limited to the transmission, storage, retrieval, hosting and/or formatting of media posted by third party users, on areas of the website under the users’ control. TheNextGreatProduction.Com acts as neither primary nor secondary producer, but merely hosts a social networking/file sharing web site. Individual users of the network are solely responsible for the content they publish at this web site. The operators of this website reserve the right to delete content posted by users which operators deem to be indecent, obscene, defamatory or inconsistent with their policies and/or terms of service.
LIMITATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY: TheNextGreatProduction.Com reserves the right to refuse business to certain countries, states, provinces, counties or cities - depending on local laws and regulations governing those regions.
LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY: Availability of certain media listings can change without notice. Customers of TheNextGreatProduction.Com are solely responsible for the security and integrity of their own downloaded purchases. TheNextGreatProduction.Com is not responsible for loss of data that the customer fails to backup on his or her own hard drive. Free replacement media downloads are offered as a courtesy only, and TheNextGreatProduction.Com is under no obligation to replace a customer’s lost file due to his or her own neglect or hardware failure.
ABANDONED ACCOUNTS: Accounts without a purchase or credit for over 90 days are considered abandoned. If an account is deleted with a remaining token balance, those tokens are forfeited. Deleted accounts can be reactivated, along with any previous account history and token balance at the user's request after the user creates a new account and makes a purchase. "Purchase" refers to the purchase of tokens, and not the purchase of a media file. "Credit" refers to payment of tokens for contribution of a media file.
PAYMENTS: TNGP only accepts credit and debit cards branded with the VISA, MasterCard, Discover and JCB logos. TNGP members are required to use only credit and debit cards issued in their own name. Use of another person's credit or debit card can result in account termination, even if prior authorization from the third party has been given.
DISPUTES & REFUNDS: Due to the permanent nature of digital downloads, all sales are final. If you have a problem with the service, please contact us by email so it can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. If you initiate a credit card dispute, chargeback, or inquiry, your access to TheNextGreatProduction.Com, and all releated websites, will be blocked permanently. We challenge and win most credit card disputes. Although "friendly fraud" is considered just another cost of doing business by most credit card issuing banks, it is still illegal.
DMCA: TheNextGreatProduction.Com is hosted outside DMCA treaty jurisdiction. Therefore, TheNextGreatProduction.Com has no legal obligation to comply with DMCA takedown requests. In practice, TheNextGreatProduction.Com will usually remove alleged offending content as a COURTESY if a proper DMCA takedown notice is received. All content featured on TheNextGreatProduction.Com is posted by third-party users. TheNextGreatProduction.Com is not responsible for the source of the content received.
Questions or comments regarding this disclosure should be addressed to:
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